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About Rautjärvi

Rautjärvi is located in Finlands beautiful South Karelia region. South Karelia province is known for it’s stunning, peaceful nature and many lakes. South Karelian people are known for their cheery and welcoming spirit – if you’re invited to someones home, chances are you won’t leave without having coffee and Karelian pasty.

  • Rautjärvi’s neighbours are Parikkala, Imatra, Ruokolahti, Savonlinna and Russia.
  • The municipality has over 30 km joint border with Russia. Vyborg is about 105 km away and St. Petersburg 240 km.
  • Rautjärvi as it is now, was founded in 1973. Today Rautjärvi’s size is about 400 km².
  • Rautjärvi is home to approximately 3 500 people.
  • The center of the municipality of Rautjärvi is Simpele, where most of the locals live.
  • Other villages and areas of the municipality are for example Asemanseutu, Miettilä, Torsansalo, Änkilä and Purnujärvi.

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Rautjärven kunta
Simpeleentie 12
56800 Simpele
Phone +358 5 687211
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Rautjärvi travel
Simpeleentie 12
56800 Simpele
Phone +358 5 687211
[email protected]

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Location, distances, transportation

Nearest airport to Rautjärvi is the Lappeenranta airport, about 80 km away.
Helsinki airport is located 255 km away and by car the drive takes approximately three hours.

Lappeenranta airport
Helsinki airport

There is a straight train access that goes from Helsinki to Simpele train station (address: Arjalantie 3170, 56800 Simpele). The station is about 2 km away from the center of Simpele. Trains that travel from Joensuu to Helsinki and vice versa stop at Simpele train station. Visit the VR website to find the exact timetables and buy train tickets online.
VR train timetables and tickets

Onnibus stops at Simpele Teboil (address: Mäkiänkiläntie 2, Simpele). Get acquainted with Onnibus’ schedules and buy tickets online at timetables and tickets

Bicycle and car rental services in the area
Vuokrauspalvelu Hyypiä (Imatra and Lappeenranta)
Scandia Rent (Imatra and Lappeenranta)
Finn Rent (Imatra and Lappeenranta)
Hertz (Lappeenranta)

If you want to rent or book a bus, please contact Timossi ([email protected]/010 231 0120).
Rautjärvi has many taxi service providers. Check the list below to find the service provider best suited for your needs and schedules.

● Taxikko, call 010 320 5700
● Taxi Erkki Karjalainen, call 050 344 2933
● Taksi Simpele, call 010 328 6080
● Taksi Ilves, call 040 481 2211
● Taksi Markku Lempiäinen, call 050 025 9335
● Taksi Jukka Lääperi, call 050 029 4145
● Taksi Asikainen Jyrki, call 040 025 3547

Rautjärvi is easily accessible with a car because the highway 6 runs through the region. Drive from Helsinki to Simpele takes about three hours and Lappeenranta is about an hours drive away. Study the map below to find the best routes for your travels.

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